Monday, November 29, 2010

Cookie Decorating

So this past weekend we had a Christmas open house for a few of our friends and I made a bunch of sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. The kids decorated probably no more than 10 between them, and then the adults took over. But the point was that cookies get decorated and then eaten and taken home, so I guess we'll consider it a success!

Here are some pictures I was able to snap mid-action. Of course these kids were all 4 and under so there was plenty of grown up help/overseeing/intervening! Somehow I missed getting pictures of any of the adults decorating. I think I was buzzed on sugar by that point and didn't think about it.

Mady spreading on the purple icing. The girls were thrilled with the purple. I figured that may be the case when I picked the colour. With so many little girls, you can't really go wrong with purple!

Janelle and Joshua picking sprinkles

Megan's Mom helped her to decorate her cookie, but her face in the second one covered in icing, I think depicts that she was pleased none the less.

Makenna with help from Mom

Sweet Aralynn was eating a cupcake while the decorating happened, but got into the cookies later


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