Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kaitlyn's 4 months pictures

Kaitlyn is four months old already! I set her up for her little photo shoot because she was being all happy and smiling. As soon as I set her monkey next to her, all smiling stopped. Seriously, the girl wouldn't crack. Not once. I was doing all those mom tricks where you make faces and noises and talk in that stupid voice. Nothing. So, here we have solemn baby pictures yet again. Really she does smile, it's just not all the time like some kids. Mostly when she tells me her nightly “stories” about her day. I love that she does that.

She continues to put on the poundage. I don't actually know how much she weighs, but I'm sure it's around 17 or so pounds. We laughed at ourselves when we bought the baby car seat for Madelyn, getting the one that went up to 30 pounds so our baby wouldn't outgrow it at 4 months, and then having a tiny premie (Mady still fits in the weight restrictions for it, just not height). Now with Kate, we're so glad we did. I don't think we'll make it all the way to a year with this seat even then. How crazy that she will probably pass Madelyn in weight even though she's 2 years younger. And my arm may fall off long before then from dragging around the bucket seat (I already don't carry it unless I HAVE to). But it would be nice to get a few more months from it. I really would prefer to get another seat like Mady's that converts to a booster seat for later, but her's can't rear-face so I don't think we'll be able to get the same style.

Kaitlyn loves to watch Mady play. This is fun most times, not so fun when they're both supposed to be napping and Madelyn decides to entertain Kate and keeps them both up. Sigh. At least they like each other. Madelyn will often tell me that Kate is her best friend (I've been telling her that since I was pregnant). Whoo hoo! Hopefully the “brainwashing” keeps up through the years. Especially when her “little” sister is bigger than her!

Madelyn adores Kaitlyn so much, that she wanted in on the pictures. Wait, make that Madelyn adores Madelyn so much that she wanted in on the pictures. She doesn't understand when things are not all about her. So here is one I took to appease her.

Kaitlyn, you're so much fun to have in our family. I love your little talking voice. I love your giggles. I love when you splash in the bathtub and it startles you. I love your chub. All of it.


  1. I love your monthly updates!! she's getting so big!! Watch out Mady!!

  2. I think she'd just prefer a real monkey. Setting her beside this facsimile serves only to remind her of what she does not have.

  3. Ian, deprivation builds character.


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