Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yup it's True!

Sadly there are some things I have to admit to be true in my life. Such as:

1. 5 years ago my co-workers threw me a Pampered Chef "Pampered Bride" shower. One of the gifts I chose was the rice cooker for the microwave. I have never made rice in it. I use it for the sole reason I picked it: to make the chocolate lava cake that was served that night. In 8 minutes. In the microwave. I'm sure rice would be good, but cake. In 8 minutes. Sold!

2. If we're friends on Facebook you have seen my posts lamenting the lack of snow and my rule about using the first November snowfall as my cue to pull out the Christmas decorations (which finally happened yesterday!). You may have been led to believe from these posts that I love snow. Sadly (since I live in a very wintery climate), this is not at all true. I despise winter. I keep this tradition up partly so that there is at least 1 snowfall in the year that I can get excited about. But now that it's here, I would be more than happy if all the snow went away. Or if I got to move to a beach climate.

3. I have always wanted to be a Mom, but I obviously missed the part on the application where they mentioned the lack of sleep. I have discovered that I CAN function on less, I just prefer to function on 9 hours. Every night. That hasn't happened in a very long time.

4. I have literally no self-control when it comes to eating sweets. I often say that I have no metabolism, but if that were true I would weigh a thousand pounds. I'm not kidding. Really, my metabolism is amazing and I should thank it every day that I can still enjoy whatever I want. Because really, if you saw the crap I eat (and the amount!) you would be amazed too. If I were to actually succeed in keeping away (or at least limiting) my sugar intake, I would probably be one of those size 0 people. Good thing I'm perfectly comfortable being a size 10. (which is not what I am at this very moment thanks to having a baby. But getting very close. Thank you again, Metabolism.)

5. I love Christmas which such a passion that I plan for it all year long. Yup, all year. Maybe not obsessively in March, but it's on my mind. I'll tuck away little ideas. I'll pick up stocking stuffers. Christmas is not a day to me. It's truly a season. It officially runs from November 1-January 1. I don't mind seeing Christmas displays in September because the Christmas prep can't start when the season starts, you have to be prepared BEFORE. So I listen to Christmas music in July and get all my Christmas shopping done early. Yup, I'm one of THOSE people. I don't judge you if you don't. I just don't understand how you enjoy yourself at all in December.

6. If I never had to do my hair again and it could look good all the time, I would be the happiest person alive. I'm not one of those "throw it a pony-tail" people. But that's only because I'm too lazy.

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  1. Ha Ha Ha! I loved this :) Thanks for linking it up. Now I need to go get me a rice cooker . . .


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