Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hair and dress up

Well these are the last few pages. I'm so excited that this book is nearly done! Here's what I just spent the last hour doing:

I'm in the middle of putting the grommets through all the pages and then I just have to make the cover. I'm so proud of myself for not stopping such a big project halfway through. Now to just push through to the end! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Dress Up

(this one I took when I was pinning/placing things and forgot to take one after everything was sewn down, so just pretend the pins aren't there)

These pages were on hold while I looked for flesh coloured felt. My sister found some in her tiny town and sent it my way. I used a paper doll pattern found on-line but then scaled down so that I could fit two people on the page. I made a bunch of clothes and did them double thickness in different felt for more clothing options.

All the clothes can clip onto the clothesline (tip: thread the string through the spring in the clothespin so it doesn't get lost)

but I also made this pocket at the front of the book since these are hard clothespins to work when you're 2. I figured she could use the pocket for all sorts of goodies.

(I'm well aware that my button is not truly centred. Remember how I'm still learning how to use my buttonholer? Ya, part of that "still learning" is figuring out how to centre the thing.)


I'm totally in love with the hair page. I found the face online, but the search program I was using didn't tell me the source, sorry, but I have it saved if you want it. The body is a pocket that will hold hair clips for all the hair dressing needs of a little girl.

So those are all the pages I've done. There are SO many more that I have found around blog land that I wanted to do, but when you see the size of this book when the pages are all stacked you'll understand why I had to stop. Some of them are just so good though that I may have to do some extra pages to swap out in the future. You know, for Kate.


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