Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cupcakes, Ovens and Picnics

I know its been a little quiet around here. I've been madly working to get the quiet book pages done. I'm one of those people who works well under pressure (in fact, I often need it to be productive), so I have to make self-imposed deadlines (do you do that?). But it worked out for me because as of this afternoon I finished! So now I just need to post all these pages. And stitch them together.

Cupcake Oven

The cupcake oven was a page I saw here, and fell totally in love. Mady loves to pretend to be a chef. And she loves parties. So I knew she would love an oven with cupcakes to bake. My sister designed the oven, so I can take no credit for it. And I didn't have thread in this colour of pink, so I decided I would be all fun and do a contrasting colour. Forgetting that it means all mistakes/not pretty parts, are very visible. Whatever. This book is my "learn to sew" project, so I'm over the whole trying to make it perfect thing. So don't judge the stitching, just enjoy the cuteness!



The window of the oven is a piece of vinyl so you can see inside. And the cupcakes are on a grey cookie sheet. Okay, so you have to use your imagination, but it gives the illusion, right?? I didn't make the cupcakes, I found them at Michaels. They have sticky backs, so I just stuck them to another piece of felt. And then the "wrappers" on the tray are just slightly bigger so that they are little pockets for them.

Put the cupcake in the oven:

Picnic Basket

Mady's favourite way to consume food in the summer is via a picnic. We have also recently started to teach her how to set the table. She can get the correct items to each person's spot at the table, but we're still working on placing them nicely and in the correct order. So, when I saw this picnic page with the table setting, I had to add it to the book (do you see how its so easy to make so many pages??). I followed her tutorial on how to make the page, but I made my own patterns, using hers as a general guide.

I traced some play kitchen utensils to make the fork, knife and spoon and traced a little plate from my own kitchen for the plate. That meant my basket needed to be a bit bigger than the pattern. I also went in search of the smallest buckle I could find. This was it, so I needed to make a basket that could fit the stuff, and looked right for the size of the buckle. It all barely fits on the page, but in the end I was quite pleased with it all.

And that's it, for now. I'll post the rest of the pages I finished over the next few days. And then we will have a break from the quiet book posts while I stitch them all together.


  1. You are a wonderful Mommy!! I wish I had the motivation to do anything so creative and fun!

  2. I have some friends also making one so that helps with the motivation. I heard of a group of moms who made them like a cookie exchange. They each made 2 pages 9 times and on a certain day they got together and traded.

  3. Love the cupcake oven!! also a page I might have to steal after christmas for in My book!! You have done an amazing job!!


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