Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Decor Crafts

I have been so inspired from Blog-land this Christmas to make stuff to decorate my house that I have officially run out of time to do all the projects I wanted to complete. So I started a list for next year and am going to start on some of them as soon as Christmas is over! This way I can enjoy Christmas, without annoying others, for the whole entire year! Ha!

I love the subway art idea, but wanted something that looked a little different. I took the words to one of my favourite carols (it's the second verse) and scrambled them. They came out kind of tree-shaped, so I framed it and put it on my mantle.

I saw this curly ribbon wreath tutorial way back in the summer when I first started reading blogs and was so excited to use the idea for Christmas. In my exuberance I didn't read the instructions and bought all the ribbons before I realized that she used the pre-made bows to do hers. It just meant a couple of extra steps to make mine and few more hours work, but I love the sparkle to it. Now I have to find a way to store it so it doesn't get squished!

This weekend we had friends over for a Christmas party and to decorate cookies. I made this cake, inspired by this post. It's so cute and so easy, I couldn't NOT make it!

And today I whipped up my advent calendar. I followed this tutorial, except she turned her stockings inside out, which I think looks nicer, but my burlap was just splitting when I tried. So after ruining the first 4 I tried, I gave up and decided to go with the "raw" look. I think they still turned out cute.

I'm decorative-challenged as you would notice if you looked at the rest of the walls in my house (pretty much blank). It took me 3.5 years to hang a clock! So I'm hoping over the next few months blog-land will come through with enough ideas to help me pull my rooms together. We'll see.

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  1. They turned out really cute, and I love the dark burlap!


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