Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Day My Daughter Cut Her Own Hair

Since birth Mady has had quite a few hair issues. It started when they couldn't get an IV in any regular place and tried her head. 8x.

This involved shaving it.

And not in a nice even manner. Oh no. This was the worst hack job I've ever seen.

It took forever to grow. We had a mullet thing going for a quite a while:

So when we finally reached this point I was excited.
(In my favourite dress!)
Cute hair that could go in piggy tails and bangs almost grown enough to be pulled back.

Then a couple of weeks ago she was playing with her cousin. She sliced open the top of her head. They warned me that if they had to stitch it, that they might have to shave some (kill me now!). But luckily we were able to convince them to glue it.

But the glue doesn't come off. Well at least not without taking chunks of hair with it.  And then you're left with a bald spot (albeit tiny) at the crown of her head).

(those aren't dandruff flakes, they're little bits of glue)

And then we come to Monday. Oh Monday. What a day.

Mady was playing happily, cutting up paper making "cards." She loves it. She does this all the time. I don't worry. And we've read Fancy Nancy's Hair Do's and Hair Don'ts. So again, I wasn't concerned.

And then she came to me and said something like
"I just had to cut my hair because it was in my eyes..."

I freaked out. I ran into her room and found this on her dresser.

And then I started digging through her head to figure out where it was taken from.

Turns out she cut herself some bangs (right up to the hairline). But only half her bangs...

And that was so pretty she took the side right up to her ear. Three inches in fact!
(swollen eyes from crying about the not-so-good idea)

My sister says to cut it into mullet since they're in style. Or something.

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  1. Why yes the infamous haircut. Trim up the other side a bit and maybe taper down the sides. Luckily it will grow back


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