Monday, April 30, 2012

Ode to the Nutter Butter

I love Nutter Butters.
(Source: Let's Get Cookin')
I don't know that I've actually eaten one more than once, but whenever I look at one, I can imagine the taste, so I'm pretty sure I have eaten them.  And I think when it comes to store bought cookies, nothing is as versatile.

I think in parties. Seriously, every time I walk through the aisle or Michael's, the fabric store or the cookie aisle, I think of a party theme to go around it. I can't help it.

Obviously other people think the same way. And they come up with all the things you can do with a Nutter Butter. It's the perfect shape to be:

A face:

(Source: Penguin Stamper)

A shoe:
(Source: Amy Atlas Feature)

Pretty much any animal:
(Source: Raising Boys)
 Even if they're fake ones:
(Source: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)

To fit in with every holiday:
(Source: 7th House on the Left)

(Source: Plain Chicken)
And there are mini ones?!?
(Source: Bargain Hoot)

And who can forget the yummy peanut butter taste?? That pretty much makes it perfect right there. Especially baked into a brownie.
(Source: Bake at 350)

There's only one (huge) problem. They don't sell them in Canada. Oh for shame! It seriously kills me. So I started a board for it on my Pinterest. It's titled Ode to the Nutter Butter.

Which probably means I need to write an actual Ode.

Oh Nutter Butter! I love you!
I never dreamed that such a perfect party food existed until you came into my life.

Had I have known you would be so difficult to find in stores near me,
I would have brought a special suitcase to fill with just you on my last trip to the States.
I would have spent an entire day's worth of my "duty free" amount to stockpile my cupboards.
I would have made friends with more Americans. Kind Americans, who would send you to me as special gifts.

Oh Nutter Butter! I love you!
Have I mentioned it's my birthday in less than 4 weeks?
Have I mentioned that the perfect gift would be to see you, in all your glory, under that wrapping paper?
Have I mentioned that all my party theme ideas include you? And that the spot left on the dessert table feels so empty without you?

Oh Nutter Butter! I love you!
Makers of Nutter Butter, hear my plea, and PLEASE send them to Canada.
I'll trade supermarket shelf space for you.
No one really likes the off-brand oreos anyway.
Or fig newtons. (well, we can convert them!)
And those cookies masquerading as chocolate chip? I'll trade their preservatives for your peanut-y goodness any day.

Don't make me beg, Nutter Butter.
Don't make me grovel.
Don't make me buy "pirate" cookies that have the same great peanut taste,
but lack your perfect shape. Pirates can't be shoes. Or turkeys.

Oh Nutter Butter! I love you!

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  1. Oh Mel you are so priceless! I love you!


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