Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easter Dresses. In May. I'm so on the Ball.

Does it take everyone else 2 days to recover from going on a trip?

We went to go visit Mark's family over the weekend and I don't get it: I spend the whole day before we go cleaning my house so I'm not greeted by mess when I return and yet I spend the whole day after we get back cleaning AGAIN.

We weren't here. How does it get messy??

But I think I set a record for actually getting unpacked. Why is it so hard to get unpacked??

I apparently take a long time to do lots of things. I was going to show you the girls Easter dresses. You know the ones I forgot to take pictures of them in on Easter? And then I was going to set up a fake Easter photo shoot that week? Ya, that never happened.

But they wore the dresses at Grandma's house. So we got some pictures of them wearing them. Sort of. Katie-Mae is not exactly easy to capture these days. So here they are. More so that I remember what they wore in for Easter 2012.

(Don't they look so thrilled??)
(Katie left, so we just took pictures of Mady. She wasn't so into smiling either)

(Standing proved more successful. At least in terms of smiling. Still slightly blurry because these girls just don't stay still!)

(Kate finally cooperated. At least for one picture!)

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  1. So cute!!! pretty little girls - you are blessed!


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