Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sippy cup leashes and Ice Cream

Last week Kate got to move up to a "big kid seat" and turn around forward. She's been big enough for a while now, but we wanted to get the same seat we have for Mady, but knew it would go on sale so we were waiting. Last week I found it for $80 off the regular price so we picked it up.

However, with turning Kate around came the challenge of dropped sippy cups (it was a challenge before, but was now a bigger problem). I'm sure if you have kids you can relate. Nothing is worse than them dropping them on the floor about 2 minutes into your 45 minute car ride and having it roll under the seat so you can't even reach it at a red light. Gah!

Kate is a "tosser" and as soon as she's done drinking (or eating in the case of her snack cup) she just "tosses" it overboard (this is how we recently lost her beloved soother while grocery shopping). I knew that driving would become challenging if I didn't do something to solve the sippy cup dropping issue.

Enter Google. I love Google. I search for things multiple times a day. So I searched for easy sippy cup leash tutorials and found one here.

I whipped one up for both the girls in no time at all (I didn't actually time it, but really there's basically two tiny seams and some reinforcements. So, uh, 15 minutes?)

Here's what ours look like. I haven't actually put them in the car yet because I keep forgetting to take them out with us, but I will soon.

Then late last week when it was really hot we decided we wanted ice cream. But one of the things I wanted to do with Mady this summer was make ice cream. I don't have an ice cream maker so my original plan was to make it in a bag with rock salt (I saw that idea somewhere, you basically just put a bag of ice cream stuff inside another one with the ice and salt and mush it). But then I found Kevin and Amanda's recipe for home made ice cream, that was simple (remember, I'm lazy!) and allowed me to make all kinds of yummy recipes without any rock salt. Whipping cream is the magic ingredient. You can get the recipe here.

Here's a tip: If you want to be able to scoop your ice cream instead of cut it,
don't freeze it on top of the motor of your deep freeze. Rock solid!
Amanda made a s'more version, but since I think s'mores have gotten a little too much attention lately and I'm a bit obsessed with peanut butter cups, that was the route we took. We added a big glob of peanut butter and then used a bag of the PC mini peanut butter cups (they're tiny, tiny).

Can I just say, amazing? This was such a creamy ice cream and SO easy! I'm already planning on how to make all my favourite specialty flavours. Basically this is my new way of making ice cream forevermore. You really need to check it out!

That's some of the things we've been making. What have YOU been making lately?


  1. ooh! I was just thinking the other day that I needed to figure out how to make a sippy cup leash. Adalya is a chucker, too. Sooo annoying! Thanks for doing the work for me to find a tut. :)

  2. Oh. My. Word. YUM. I can't wait to try this sometime.


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