Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kate's 1st Birthday Card

In the spirit of late posts, I realized that in all the crazy birthday party madness last month, I missed showing you what I made for Kate's card.

Okay, seriously I cheated. Adalya's card I had planned months in advance. But I wanted to do something different for Kate. I racked my brain and looked at pictures, somewhere in there I forgot about it and then the week of the party happened I at the last minute I realized I needed a card. At first I felt bad that I didn't make her first birthday card something extra special. Then I remembered that I didn't even make one for Madelyn's first birthday, so at least Kate was getting this.

This card was one of the templates from the Silhouette shop. Can I just say that I love that they have templates for cards so that when you ARE in a rush you can just cut out one of those? Love it! I did it in party-esque colours since I didn't go with the bear theme as I had originally planned.

Sigh. Next year I'll plan in advance. Really.


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