Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Korker Bow

I'm very new at doing my girls' hair. Mady was bald for the first two years of her life and so it's only been in the last year that I've been able to venture into the world of doing hair.

 She's kind of picky with how she likes it. Prior to her last haircut (which was purely just evening out the terrible NICU haircut that she's STILL growing out), she would let me do little braids and such, but then once I cut off the bottom longer stuff, we didn't have many options. I started doing the "top ponytail" with it slightly off to one side since her hair kinks naturally went that way. And there she's stuck.

I think this is a boring hair style and needs bows to make it fun. But since I have bald babies, my entire hair clip collection was just those little mini bows that you clip in their hair to tell people that these are girl babies, not boy babies. But now that Mady actually has hair, those bows just get lost in the mass of hair on the top of her head and look funny instead of cute.

It was time in invest in some hair bows! Except I'm cheap and there was no way I was paying the price for some of the bows out there.

Especially when I could make them myself!

I hunted around the internet and got ideas and some basic instructions and went to town.

The first thing I made were Korker bows. I love, Love, LOVE korker bows on little girls. They're just so friendly! I made the yellow one for my neice Adalya and the rest were for my girls.

Here are some things I learned:
-There are varying lengths of time that are suggested for baking these around internet-land. Go for longer. I was afraid of burning them, but really, they were fine. They probably could have used some extra time in the oven.

-See those ribbons with the stitching down the side? Ya, those one curled really nicely (as you can see in the pink one above) and then about 30 minutes into wearing the bow those ribbons went back to being straight (as you can see on the red one). I blame the stitching. Lame.

-I wrapped mine around pencils. This worked perfectly fine, except for the smaller bows. I should have used smaller ribbon and smaller dowels for a better curl. I know for next time.

-Don't make these when it's hot out (a much better winter activity for sure!) because you oven is on for a while if you're doing various colours and you don't have a lot of dowels (or in my case pencils).

I'm now totally addicted to making hair crap. I find it's hard to find hair bows that match their wardrobe, so every time I realize I'm missing a certain colour I go hunting for  a way to make it. By the time Kate actually let's me do her hair we should have a good stash. Hehe!


  1. I so miss having a little girl! Mine is now 28 years old with 3 boys.

    I used to make these and I would wrap the ribbon around a dowel rod and spray it with sealer. Leave it on the rod until they are dry. Mine never went straight. Maybe that is what you could use on the pretty red ribbon.

  2. tooo cute good thing I had a boy I could never make a bow and certaininly none that pretty.


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