Friday, October 29, 2010

Conversations with my 2 year old this week:

Mady was washing her hands, but being a little on the small side, has to lift herself up onto the counter in order to reach the taps. I thought I would be helpful and give her a boost, to which she replied, “No, Mom! Go do the dishes!”

I was holding Kaitlyn when I suddenly said “Uh oh!”
Mady from the other room says, “Oh, Poopy?”
“Oh. Spit up.”
Apparently Kaitlyn only does 2 things all day. Sadly, she's right.

Whispering to me while I was asleep in bed: “Mom! Mom! Look!” I wearily open my eyes to see her finger stuck in my face.
“Mady, you don't need to wake me up to show me your booger. Go get a kleenex and go back to bed.”

While at a dollar store getting party supplies, Mady found a bouncy ball and was carrying it around throughout our shopping trip. At the end of our shopping I said, “Okay, Mady, time to put the ball away. Where does it go?”
“In the potty!”
Apparently we've been potty training and drilling some things into her head a little too much!

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  1. She is so funny! I love the booger one!


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