Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Bloggy Business

I've really been quite terrible this week. Can you believe I went to all the work of getting (not making, don't shame me!) my girl's easter dresses and then I didn't even get pictures in them? Don't worry, Grandma, we'll re-stage a pretend easter and take some pictures! And of course we did an easter egg hunt and had cute easter baskets and a took a ton of pictures. They just didn't make it onto the blog. Maybe if I get some time this week.

I started potty training Katie this weekend. I blame that on my neglecting my poor blog. I wish I could say it's going glorious and after a mere 6 hours she's got the hang of it. It's been 4.5 days. She GETS it, she just can't do it. So, successes have only been because Mommy thinks enough time has passed and suggests a "just in case" run. It's tiring. She's a brilliant kid. I just wish her bladder muscles were as quick-learning....

So, because of my depressed state (not really. I'm just being dramatic), I decided to share some fun news.

Take a look at my side bar there on the right. You should notice a few new things!

First - I have a new button. Isn't it purdy?? My new bloggy friend Connie (from Measured By the Heart) made it for me. Isn't she sweet? I love it! And if you want to display it on your blog, feel free. :)

Second, you'll notice a nice blinking blog button there too. Make sure you read through the whole thing. You'll notice that it's got all the details for a really fun giveaway I'm part of. 14 days of giveaways! Oh yes you read that right. How fun, right?? I'll keep you posted on all the details. It's going to be great. And I might be whipping up something fabulous to give away for it. Okay, not might, I am. So if you have a little girl in your life, you'll want to pay attention. And feel free to take that button as well so that you can tell your friends all about it!

And then I have some great news about some new stuff around here. I finally got smart and realized that people may want some different options of ways to follow my blog. I'm going to add the linky followers widget (as that seems to be the replacement for GFC for the non-blogger users). Any other ways you wish I had? If you have a request, let me know and I'll look into it. Just don't ask me to tweet. I suck at it.

Lastly, I'm super excited to announce a fun link up party that I get to co-host with a couple other of my new bloggy friends. (Connie is making us a fun button for that one too. Can't wait to show you!)

Basically you make stuff that you pinned on pinterest and link it up. Perfect for a pinterest-obsessed person such as myself. And I get to pick my favourites each week (so do the other gals). AND, if you link to one of our blogs, it shows up on all three. Less work, more exposure for you! How great is that? So be thinking of projects 'cause I want to see what you've been up to!


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