Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Wall Hanging (Wreath Alternative)

I suck at hanging things up on my walls.

It took my 4.5 years to hang a clock. I'm not kidding.

Basically it's because I have no idea what I'm doing. I have super huge walls and think everything looks funny.

But then at Christmas a found a good space for a wreath (my door style doesn't work and is on the side of the house any way, so I don't see the point of hanging one on it). After Christmas I made a winter wreath that wasn't really Christmas-y so that it wasn't so blank in the space once the Christmas wreath was gone.

And then I made a valentine one.

And then I was completely uninspired on the wreath front and so I left the valentine one up for about 5 weeks too long. Yes, really.

And just when I couldn't take it anymore, I found my inspiration on Pinterest (isn't that where it all comes from lately?).

The link didn't come from a blog, it was uploaded directly by a user (not sure if it's this person's actual personal work or not, so if you know the actual source, please share!). You can find the inspiration pin here.

But I didn't have a wreath form to put it on and I didn't want to go get one. So I decided to go for a spring wall hanging instead of an actual circular wreath. The point is to not have a blank wall, so what does it matter it's shape, right?

Some ribbon, a few fake flowers, some hot glue and my cute little bird houses make me smile.


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