Monday, April 23, 2012

Garden Cake and Bee Smash Cake

Last week some friends from college asked me if I would make the cakes for their daughter's first birthday. I'm always honored by such a request!

They were doing a garden theme so they requested a bigger cake for the kids covered in flowers and bugs and then a smaller smash cake that was a bumble bee.

Both cakes are covered in buttercream (some day I'll be able to get it as smooth as fondant!) because, really, no one actually LIKES the taste of a fondant covered cake.  All the decorations are marshmallow fondant. Because they actually taste good.

You can find my inspiration cakes here and here (but be warned, as I tell my sister, my versions are always slightly dorkier. Ha!).

I think the mushrooms are my favourite. :) They were also the most fun to make.

 The other sides of the cake:
(How was this one taken at the same time, in the same spot on my table, yet this one actually shows the real colour of the table? Some day I'll figure out basic photography!)
Here is the bee. I realized after I delivered him, that I forgot his little antennae. Sorry little bee. I hear you got smashed anyway... 

And no bee is complete without a stinger. Well, unless he's a dead bee. Oh geez. I'll stop.

 Happy Birthday Nova! Hope you had a fabulous birthday.


  1. Awesome job Melanna! Those look beautiful! Soon it will be time for you to figure out how much your talent time and energy are worth - don't undersell yourself! You do great work! ;)

    1. Karin the Cake Baking OmiApril 23, 2012 at 11:59 AM

      that was from me!


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