Monday, January 23, 2012

Things I'm SO over...

 1. Waking up in the night because of children. Or the husband. Or alarm clocks for crazy shifts. Or the wind. Or worse, the neighbour's windchimes.
2. Trying to cook dinner with "helpers" who don't know the definition of the word help.
3. Slow computers, even if it is my own fault for having too many tabs open.
4. Drivers who can't figure out how to drive in winter.
5. Canadian prices vs. American prices. It's ridiculous.
6. Places that don't ship to Canada or can't figure out a way to do it cheaply, causing the shipping to be more expensive than the item.
7. My wardrobe that never seems to have the right clothes in it.
8. Winter.
9. Chalkboard paint, keep calm posters (I've been seriously going on about this one for over a year) and owls. I don't get it.
10. Long hair. You know, the kind with no layers, or shape or anything. To quote Hairspray, "Hair is not supposed to lie there like a dead thing on your face."

Just needed a little rant. Thanks!


  1. keep repeating number one to yourself when your child is a teenager. lol

    good ones though.

  2. hahaha, just hang on...winter will soon be over and the sunshine will make you feel better. then you can rant about the heat and melted chocolate in the baby's car seat.


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