Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wilton Course - Fondant and Gumpaste

I meant to write a post about each of the class nights and show you my mad fondant/gumpaste skills each week. And by mad, I mean, how mad I got at the fondant and gumpaste. Ha! Not really... But then in order to show you that means taking pictures.

Mark gave me a new camera for Christmas. I still haven't figured it out. Like even the basics like how to delete pictures. It shouldn't be hard, I know. But I can't figure it out without the manual. Which is on CDrom, which means I have to sit down without the girls distracting me and actually figure things out. So who knows how my pictures are going to look when I upload them.

And that's the reason why I haven't blogged about a lot of things. That's a terrible excuse, I know. But my sister challenged me to do one of those photo a day things starting next week, so hopefully that will help me learn a bit more about my camera.

In the mean time I took some pictures of the flowers that I learned, save for two of them. Which actually makes me sad. I went down to get them from my stash to take pictures of them for you today and I accidentally dropped the container and my carnations and calla lilies shattered. Sad day.

But I have Mums to show you. Well, I mum. I think that's the name of the flower when there's only one. Or is it one of those things that the name itself sound plural?? I don't actually know. Now I'm babbeling.

I also made daisies. Let me have a little wilton rant. They give you these crap plastic cutters in your kit. They suck. They leave little thin edges on all your flowers that make them look "hairy." I learned from another classmate that the trick to overcome this is to put the cutter under the fondant and roll your rolling pin over it instead of pressing down. This was learned after making all my flowers, so I still have to try it. But why the heck can't wilton make a metal one?? And don't they know that if they give us the cheap plastic one that sucks, we'll all go buy the good one and thus make them more money? Who is in charge of their product department. They obviously need some guidance!

Oh and we learned another rose. Wilton sure loves roses. But gumpaste is the easiest one for me, by far. Pretty hard to mess up. That's how I like it.

And of course the calla lilies and carnations that are picture-less. And we learned about borders and covering cake boards (total waste of fondant if you ask me) and how to actually cover a cake (well the round ones, we're on our own for learning square, which I hear is a beast).

Tune in tomorrow to see my final cake. Which I'm going to finally cut into tonight. I've been admiring it on my counter all day. I was even a mean auntie and didn't offer any to my nephew who was eying it this morning!

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