Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wilton Course - Final Cake Fondant and Gumpaste

Um, so remember those pesky camera features I know nothing about? Well apparently I took all the in-class pictures with my camera set on vivid colour. Which is apparently another word for freakishly bright-glowy colours. Seriously they hurt my eyes to look at when I uploaded them. I toned them down a bit, but they're still a bit wonky in my mind. I snapped a few more on my counter today so I wouldn't hate all the pictures of my final cake.

See? Kind of glowy daisy centres. And this is after the tone down! Though the cake yellow is more accurate than below...

I retook some of my cake on my kitchen counter in fading light, so hopefully it's not too bad for you to get a true understanding of the colour. But just know none of these are quite true to colour! I will read that camera manual very soon, I promise...

Here are some of my class mate's final cakes as well. And my instructor's. I taught HIM how to make the drape. Ha!

This one her cake cracked and so she iced it together. It was quite lumpy. And then she had trouble with the fondant cracking from drying out. I'm impressed with how much a person is able to hide with flowers and borders!
 We decided that the most impressive fondant cake is a pure white, square cake with nothing on it for embellishments (used to hide all our "sins").  Some day I will be able to make one.

Well, I have now finished the basic wilton classes and made a fondant cake. That's two more off the list, people! Go me!


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