Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIlton Class Fondant and Gumpaste

In keeping with working on my 30 before 30 list, I signed up for a fondant and gumpaste class at Michaels this month. This will complete 2 items on my list because it will be the end of the wilton classes and it will hopefully have me successfully ice a cake with fondant. If it doesn't we can chalk this class up to an epic fail. Ha!

I'm having a ton of fun learning how to make flowers out of fondant. And I think I've got 2 items now for my 35 before 35 list! Eventually I would love to take the tall cakes class and the advanced gumpaste, but I have way too much to do on my current list, so I'm not letting myself do it now. :)

Our first class we made the bases for roses, mums and carnations, kind of boring stuff, so I didn't take pictures. And then we learned that famous cake topping bow. Which is actually quite simple, and yet finicky to actually get to look nice. Mine was decent for a first attempt, but it will need additional work so as to not crack and to actually fit all the loops into the bow evenly. But then of course I went on-line looking at cakes this week and saw a whole bunch that have a regularly tied-looking bow on top of them and now I want to learn that. Thank goodness for YouTube...Otherwise I'd be cake classes for eternity!

My mother in law and sister in law were visiting on the weekend and both of them have birthdays this week (Happy Birthday!!), so I made them a cake and we celebrated their birthday's a bit early. I didn't have enough of the pink fondant left to make the ribbons to "tie" the cake up, so instead I pulled out some of my Royal icing rose buds. I'm kind of seeing why people keep stashes of flowers on hand. It could be very useful for decorating last minute cakes. Maybe one saturday I'll just make stuff. It would probably good for honing the skill.

Week two we finished our roses, carnations and learned calla lillies. I'll share those in the next day or so. Those are actually pretty cool.


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