Friday, November 18, 2011

My Favourite Christmas Music

 I have a sad addiction to Christmas music. And to choir music, but mostly that's because I sing in a choir.
I recently went through my iTunes library and the majority of it is Christmas. A lot of it is Choral Christmas because I have all the music for practicing to (and some of it is really good!).

I kind of feel like you can never have enough Christmas music. It helps that I start listening in August.

Here are my favourites as well as some that I am meaning to buy (my iTunes wish list is all Christmas music and music for the girls. That should probably be seen as a problem...)

 By far my all-time favourite Christmas CD is December by Chris Botti. Haven't heard of him? He was Sting's trumpet player and he is just amazing. I saw him in concert when I was pregnant with Mady and literally just sat in awe the whole time. And she went nuts in my belly. Sometimes trumpets can sound, um, squeaky. That is not him at all. It's luscious. It will put you in the Christmas mood for sure. It's kind of romantic, it's-cold-outside-but-warm-inside-while-I-drink-hot-chocolate-and-decorate-the-tree type Christmas magic music. You know, like in the movies. Basically if it's not in your collection, you need to own it. I decorate my tree to this CD every year. Oh and you should probably get all his other CD's too.

Next comes Josh. Oh you're not on first, name basis with him?  Josh Groban. Awhhh! I love when this man sings.  Okay, admittedly, I basically just like when men sing in general (sorry ladies, but most of your voices are just scritchy. I'd rather hear a good male soloist over a female any day). And Josh's voice is just so full. I really love when a voice fills a room. And he has that curly mop of hair which just makes him adorable. But that has nothing to do with Christmas, or his CD. Anyway, it's a really well done Christmas CD and I love it. You should get it.

Then comes Michael W. Smith. He has 3 Christmas albums. Yes, 3. I own only the second, but the first one I know off by heart because my sister had it growing up and it's on my list of ones to get, because I love it. The third is also on my list. I know half the songs because we sang them in choir. So judging from what I've heard it's good too. Here are my thoughts on Michael (we're not really on a first name basis, but I didn't feel like typing out his whole name and MWS just seemed like a 90's CCM magazine thing to do, and I'm not CCM magazine): He should ONLY make Christmas CD's. I don't really care for his voice, but he's a great song writer and producer and he understands how a christmas CD should sound; full of wonder and brilliance. And it just makes you in awe of the reason for the season. Oh and on his first CD he has a boys' choir, which pretty much made me swear that I would put my boys in a boys choir should I ever have any. It's amazing. If you don't get all his CD's (you should), you should at LEAST go get All is Well off of his first one (called Christmas). I know that little boy is probably in his 40's now, but I just melt every time and want to pinch his little cheeks, because it's just so good. Oh and I like Smitty's (I was a fan in the 90's...) use of instrumental music at Christmas. If ever there is a time for an orchestra, it's at Christmas, people!

How about some singles everyone should own: Gayle Peevey's I want a Hippopotamus, Six White Boomers and of course the Chipmunks' Christmas song... Those are all totally just for the child in me. Some would also recommend Dominic the Donkey, but I can't say I'm a fan.

Want to know a Christmas album or two you shouldn't own? Yup, there is such a thing. I won't post pictures of the albums because I don't want someone just scrolling through their reader to think I actually endorse these...

Destiny's Child. I thought it might be good. I destroyed it. Physically broke it because it was so bad. Sure Beyonce can sing and dance and what have you, but Michelle? She almost (nope, she did) ruined my favourite song, O Holy Night. It's not just slightly off-key. It's really off-key. You don't even need a good ear to hear that. The whole album sounds thrown together. So skip it, even if you were a fan of the group.
Another sketchy pitch one is Charlotte Church. Can't handle it.
And I got a Vienna Boys Choir one because I thought that since Michael did so well with the boys choir, a whole album of it would be better. Nope, it's not.

Ones on my wish list?

Basically anything by the Glee Cast. It's fresh and I like most of their voices.

Michael Buble's new one. I have some of his Christmas EP from before, so I know this album is good. Actually a ton of my friends have said it is.

Bing Crosby. It's just so classic. I feel like I should have him on my play list. Kind of shocked I don't already.

What about you? What are your favourites?

*All images courtesy of Amazon. Thanks Amazon for carrying all my favourite Christmas music!



  1. good picks, I love them all, but especially Bing!!! (yep, first name basis, lol). It's not offically the season for me until I hear (and watch) White Christmas.
    - ourhometoyours

  2. MWS...all Christmas CD's are truly amazing! Please also look into any Annie Moses Band (anything of their songs are good, but Christmas is particularly good!). Here are my favourites:

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:

    O Come O Come:

    Christmas Baby:

    Oh, I get so excited watching these...

  3. Interesting.... Bing Crosby is a favorite of your Grandma, too.


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