Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kermit Had It Wrong!

It's actually kind of easy to be green.

Sort of.

I have a funny relationship with green living. But I'm learning that a lot of people have this relationship.

I think the idea of green is great. I mean, what's not to love about: better for the planet; less chemicals; and all the other benefits that are eluding my brain at the moment?

Well sometimes the time factor. The cost factor. The ease factor.

So I like to think of myself as a green-ISH person. Which basically means:

If it's cheaper (or same), easier (or same) and just as much work (or less!) than my current way of doing it, I will do it.

If it's only slightly more expensive, or just a little bit more work, I will seriously consider doing it.

If it's way more expensive, or way more work, I probably won't do it. But I will acknowledge that those who do it after far better people than me.

So what sort of green things do I do?

-First I recycle. I didn't use to when they made me take it to the bins in the parking lots of grocery stores, but now that they have curb-side pick up that I'm required to pay for anyway through my city taxes, I do it religiously. It's not harder to toss something into a bin rather than a garbage bag. It's not harder to wheel the bin out to the curb than to drag out a garbage bag (especially since that's Mark's job) and technically it's cheaper because all that stuff isn't going into garbage bags that I pay for.

-My cleaning products are becoming more and more green. I haven't found any kind of dish soap or dishwasher detergent that I like, but my laundry soap is green and for almost everything else I use Norwex (I haven't yet taken the plunge to move to their toilet bowl cleaner, but that's the next step - though it feels expensive- because the current cleaner's strong smell makes me gag). If you don't know Norwex they are anti-bacterial cloths that clean with just water. Which means I can give them to my kids to clean my house. It's a great benefit to me! Ha!

-I take my own bags/bins grocery shopping. This one is a no brainer. Not only am I charged for bags if I use theirs, but they pile up in my house. And though I can recycle them, that's more work for me and I'm lazy. If I bring a bag/bin I don't have that overflowing bag holder in my closet. Which helps with my sanity.

-Facial cleanser. I just started this this week. You may think I'm totally crazy when I tell you this, but I've started cleaning my face with oil (castor and EVOO to be exact). I know that sounds so counter-intuitive, but so far it's working, it takes off water-proof mascara like nothing I have ever tried and my skin is softer and glowing like never before. I read all about here (thank you pinterest for helping me find this!).

I'm sure there are other things I do (thermostats on timers and such), but these are the things I consciously do. 

What about you? Are you green? Green-ish? Any tips for me?


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