Friday, October 14, 2011

Why I Love The Middle

There are very few TV shows that can make me laugh out loud. So when I find one, I watch it religiously. Have you seen The Middle? I've watched it from the beginning and last year got Mark hooked too. It is by far my favourite sit-com!

So I have compiled a top 10 list of why I love it so much.

10. I love that the family is poor. And not like when Rachel on Friends was just a waitress but still had fabulous hair and clothes and went out to fancy places with her friends all the time. Nope, they eat non-brand food (with totally fun non-brand food names), wear boring clothes and can't afford to fix anything so they duct tape their dishwashes seals and hold it closed with a broom handle. I love that.

9. They named their second child Sue Sue Heck. Yup her middle name is the same as her first name. That's funny!

8. Axl makes me so glad I don't have a teenage son. Nor will I ever.

7. Frankie's boss. He's so ick and so sexist. And I love that she's stuck with him.

6. I love the quirky look to the show. Look at their clothes, they don't coordinate at all and all the walls are bright colours. It just gives it such a fun vibe. And Axl is always in his shorts. Classic.

5. I love the way Frankie and Mike fight. Because it's really just Frankie fighting and Mike hardly saying anything (or even better the episode when Frankie fought both sides. Classic!).

4. Brick is basically the kid you find so annoying you love him. And I love how literally he takes things. And when they have parent-teacher interviews I die! And his whisper. Ha!

3. Their house is a disaster, they eat crap food and Frankie is never on top of anything. Which pretty much means no matter how bad I'm doing at life, when I watch the show I can always feel good about myself.

2. I love the dynamic of Mike's thinking and Frankie's thinking. Mark and I relate on so many levels.

1. Sue Heck. She's my favourite character by far. Mostly because she is everything awesome about the awkward nerdy years so many of us endured. And she's so positive about it. I heart her.

Have you seen this show? What do you love about it? If you haven't, you need to watch it. Wednesdays!


  1. I've seen a few, and it is funny. But I always seem to be doing or watching something else when it's on, so I was the reruns when they are on.

  2. I love that show. I think Brick is smarter than them all. lol

    ~whispers~ them all


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