Monday, October 3, 2011

Makenna's 4th Birthday

If there is one thing I'm thankful for, it's great friends for my kids. I think this is one of the best things you can give your child and sadly it's not always up to you.

Makenna is what Mady would consider her best friend, if 3 year olds even understand a term like that. I love how they play together and just love each other. They've known each other their whole lives (well, since Mady came into the picture when Makenna was 9 months old).

On the weekend Makenna celebrated her 4th birthday. It was filled with lots of bouncing, painting, food and princess fun! All her favourite things.

Below are some highlights of the evening.

Katie asked me to make some purple flowers for the princess cake. They even perfectly matched the accessories sight unseen. Amazing


"Look! There's Mady!" (note the doll in hand. She ALWAYS has a doll. She can find them anywhere)


Katie is so much braver than I. She gives preschoolers paint. And rocks. And glitter.

Kate played instead of painted.

Pet rocks by Mady and Aralynn

Ezra's (and I think my favourite)



Jude's (this was a train!)


Ana's (my other favourite)

"Happy Birthday To You!"

I love the look of satisfaction after blowing out the candle
Chilling, sucking on a ring pop while presents are opened

Nothing is more attractive than your friend's princess tiara!
Opening the gift from Mady. Notice all the kids' blue lips. Ha!
Thanks for a great party, Makenna! We are so glad to have you as such a special friend!

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  1. aww! yay! thanks for sharing. I should get some of these pictures from you - I don't have a ton (hard to get pictures while putting on a party, as you know)


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