Thursday, July 7, 2011

Party Prep

The week before a party, my house starts to get taken over. There are bags of party supplies on every flat surface (and every high surface so that a certain little girl doesn't get them - oh you curious, soul, my dear Kate!). Mark has joked many times (as well as a serious time or two) that I need a prep kitchen just for parties. Yes, honey, I do!

Well today is no different. I have treat bags going together, decor being made and piles of stuff collecting in bins to be taken to the party site (I'm smart and not hosting 40 people at my house in the heat of summer. No air conditioning here!).

To add to the crazy, my family all comes in from out of town today (half of that number above attending the party is family. Did I mention I'm one of 5 kids?). My sister and her two kids will be staying at my house and we'll be spending the weekend doing our annual family trip down to the Calgary Stampede. I convinced them all to come in time for the parade, so I get to take my kids, with help. Woot! BUT, that also means this is the last day that I can do anything without extra people underfoot. And as much as they will all help, I'm a total control freak and don't really like people in my kitchen. So I have to do as much advance prep as possible. But, at least I admit my flaws, right?

I think since I haven't had a single truly lazy day since some time in May, that will be the plan for Monday. Oh, and showing you all the party. *wink*

Here's a picture to wet your appetite of some things that are getting ready to go to the party site.

taken early this morning before the sun starting heating my house. It's going to be hot and so curtains are staying closed today!

Monday I'll have a post ready for you with all the details. It might be up a little later, but I'll get it to you!

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  1. It looks like it will be a great party! Then afterwards hopefully you can relax :)


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