Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Farmer's Market Meal

I love farmer's markets. I think it's because my mom used to sell bread at one and I literally spent hundreds of hours of my life at them. One of the items on my 30 before 30 list was to make an entire meal out of food from the farmer's market. I had to go get something from there today anyway so I decided that today was the day I would make my farmer's market meal.

On the way into the market we saw some friends coming out who told us they come for Flat Iron Steaks from one of the butchers. Mark immediately started drooling so our meat was decided. And oh my goodness it was SO good. Mady wasn't a fan (though she doesn't like most meat) but Kate couldn't get enough.
Mark thought I should get a clean plate. I told him I had no problem sharing with the world just how rare I like my steak!

We got baby potatoes (why is it mini veggies always taste better?)

 Green beans,
These look like normal green beans, but they were perfectly crisp-tender with such an unbelievable taste. I love things that are truly fresh!

 Multigrain and garlic bread (uh, we ate the entire loaf. I will buy this bread every time I'm at the market. Every time.),
I will dream about this bread until I can have it next. I love "things" in my bread. Look at all that yummy goodness up on top!

Finlandia cheese (totally just picked because Finlandia is one of Mark's favourite songs - he picked it)

and for dessert Rainier cherries...
The vendor cashier popped in a dark cherry for a sample. I didn't bother to tell her that I don't really like them. It kind of makes for a fun picture.

and Caramelized apples with cream croissants. Mmm, Mmm good!

My family thought I was totally weird taking pictures of all of this before we were allowed to eat it. They forgave me when they tasted it because it was SO good.

And then we were so stuffed we could hardly move all night.

Farmer's markets are quite expensive here (or at least the stuff I like to eat is!) so I don't purchase a lot of stuff from them, but when I do I always love it. Since I suck at growing things myself (it would help if I actually got things planted...) I have to rely on other people to do it if I want to taste food that actually tastes how it's supposed to taste (I will never understand why carrots always taste SO different coming straight from the ground rather than the store. I know it's an age thing, but really, nothing should be allowed to change taste THAT much!).

Are you a farmer's market shopper? What is your favourite thing to get? And if you live in Calgary, what do I need to pick up next time I go??


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