Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in July: Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies: Day 7

I have a special place in my heart for marshmallows. I love them even more when they're coloured.

Hey, does anyone know where you can get the big ones in colour in Canada? If not, that's another item I'm willing to trade Americans for...

Anyway, I think this is a universal kid thing to like them and therefore any item containing them is typically the first to go on a table full of goodies.

These have coconut so that might deter some kids (which could be a good thing if you're trying to save more for yourself!). I have made them without to make them more kid friendly, but I prefer them with coconut. Some people I know add cherries, but I'm totally not a fan of cherries (the ones used in baking, I'll gladly snack on Rainier cherries any day!) so I prefer to not violate yummy things by adding them.

Chocolate Marshmallow Roll

Here's what you'll need

4 squares semi-sweet chocolate (which is equal to 2/3 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips)
2 tbsp. butter
1 egg
1 cup icing sugar
2 1/2 cups coloured mini marshmallows
coconut to coat (I prefer the smaller pieces of coconut for this, but you can use what you like)

Melt chocolate and butter over low heat. Meanwhile, in a small bowl beat together egg and icing sugar. Add to melted chocolate and turn off the heat. Stir together over the turned off element to let the egg cook a bit. Set aside to cool slightly. Tear off a long piece of waxed paper and poured a bed of coconut down the centre (this will help you cover the outside so you want enough to cover the paper, but no need for an excessive amount). Add marshmallows to slightly cooled chocolate mixture and stir well to coat. Place large spoonfuls (I used a spoonula) down the centre of the coconut. You want to make this into a log so don't space them out. Sprinkle some coconut on top. Roll the  waxed paper up the sides to help guide the coconut to cover the sides at the same time squeezing it into a nice roll (I usually open up the waxed paper and move the excess coconut around to the "bald" spots). Wrap the waxed paper around the roll and twist the ends to seal. Refrigerate until set. Slice (usually about 1.5 finger widths) and serve. This freezes well.

ps- Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line featured my Teddy Bear Picnic party today. Go check it out. Thanks Jenny!


  1. Girl you send me your address and I will send you some big honking marshmallows!

  2. my friend use to call these stained glass window cookies.

  3. loving your christmas cookie posts.

  4. For those who don't care for coconut, you can roll them in crushed nuts or even graham or 'Nilla crumbs.

  5. I make them by taking one bag of chocolate chips, one stick of butter, and melting that together. Adding colored marshmallows, rolling them in wax paper and freezing the overnight. I also call them stained glass windows - but if you use white marshmallows, then they're rocky road! I am excited to try adding coconut!


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