Monday, March 14, 2011

The Formula for a Successful Photo Session

Everyone always says that in order to get good pictures you need good lighting.
And you need a good camera operator.
And you need cooperative subjects.

On Sunday afternoon I tried to get pictures of Kate for her 8 month photo shoot. Auntie was here and was trying to get pictures too. And then I had matching dresses on the girls (which is funny because they were both given to Mady for her baby shower but the smaller one she outgrew before the weather was warm enough last year and Kate is just moving into that size. The larger one, Mady will be out of that size in not too long, so I had to take advantage of the warm weather and put them in summery dresses in March). So, I was trying to get pictures of them together. It didn't quite work out.

Here is the dialogue:

"Mady, can you smile?"
"Look at Auntie."
"Put your hands down."
"Okay, stand still."
"No, don't lift up your dress, no one wants to see your bum."
"Oh, hang on Kate, don't crawl away."
"Mady, can you sit next to Kaitlyn?"
"Okay, smile!"
"Oh shoot, my flash was still on."
"Okay, let's try again!"
"Just one more smile."
"No, Mady, keep your hands out of your mouth."
"Do you need to go potty?"
"No, your PRETTY smile."

And on and on it went. 

Clearly I did not have a winning formula.

And that's why I have a whole camera full of these:

(the only one of them I got together in the dresses, and you can't even see the front.)

(Look! Braids!)

Sigh. This is why the grandparents don't get more pictures sent to them.

ps - I did get some good ones which I will try to post tomorrow. But I will need to redo the 8 month photo shoot. I forgot how wiggly they get when they're older.

pps - I have so learned that my fireplace is reflective and that I should not take pictures in front of it unless I want really awkward self portraits. Heh.


  1. I think that the last picture of Mady is so cute! :)

  2. And you wonder why there are few pictures of you, the THIRD child, when you were a baby! LOL


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