Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

So, since I actually am Irish (at least part of me) I feel the need to post on this holiday that is celebration of my heritage. My thoughts are all over the place, so I present to you, my scattered St. Paddy's Day thoughts.

1. First of all, as much as this is a celebration of my heritage. It's also not. Since I'm not Catholic-Irish, I'm Protestant-Irish, my official colour would be Orange and actually we have our own day in July. But very few seem to know about it. And it also happens to be Kaitlyn's birthday. So I'll be busy celebrating other things and instead will celebrate my ancestry today.

2. As I mentioned yesterday on my Facebook status, I'm actually creeped out by things that are dyed green. I can't handle the green pancakes and especially the green chocolate chip cookies (gag!). They just put me over the top. It's been a tough week reading blogs. I can handle it a little better if the baker uses the gel or powdered dyes so that it's a bit more intense of a colour, but those ones that are just slightly tinted green give me the willies. I'm not against dying EVERYTHING, Mady and I will be making green milkshakes today. And I'm totally okay with green icing. It's just those batters and doughs.

3. Funny story: A few years ago, my sister-in-law posted the famous "Kiss me, I'm Irish" as her status on Facebook. I got after her that you can't actually claim that if you're not Irish. To which she replied that she was.  This did not make any sense to me as Mark and I had talked about our family origins and he was very clear that he was German and Russian. I should have known better than to trust him over Mel as, in all things, she has proven to be more accurate. Ya, so his family is German, Irish, some French (anything else, Mel?), and NO Russian. When I told him, Mark was excited to celebrate his first St. Patrick's Day as a real Irishman, but is still, to this day, sad there is no Russian. Ha! As a side note, since he and I are both 1/4 Irish, our girls are too. It's the only amount all of us share from any one country.

4. And adding onto that, being Irish is the only one of my make-up (English, Irish, Scottish and Dutch) that I totally feel is "me" (even though I'm technically more English). It's probably being so transparently white that makes a person embrace it. It probably also helps that my Grandpa was born in Ireland and I actually knew him, where as all the other full blood relatives either weren't born there or they died long before I would ever know them. But, truthfully, if you REALLY trace the roots, I'm one of those Irish people that is actually Scottish. Just don't tell my Grandpa.

5. I have never been to Ireland, but it is on my top 3 places to visit in my life. I totally want to kiss the Blarney Stone.

6. Is the luck of the Irish a true thing? Totally. :)


  1. Top o' the mornin' to you. Hope you have a fun St.Patty's day!! I'm only a tiny itty bit Irish but I still enjoy it!! did get a chance to go to Ireland, but never did get to kiss the blarney stone!! maybe we should plan a trip! sans children!

  2. Mark and I are 1/2 German, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 English (the only grandparent not born in Canada). I think there may be a smidge of Scottish and French in there on mom's side, but I don't know for sure and it's easier to just do 1/4s. AND, for the record, I would never in a million years post "Kiss me, I'm Irish" as my facebook status! I can't remember what I said exactly but it was a something about being Irish that led to that whole discussion.

  3. But maybe it would help if I started posting statuses like that :)

  4. Whoops, totally thought that was the status. And Haha to the second comment, though it would totally make me question his intentions should someone take you up on such a status.


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