Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Conversations with Mady this week:

Me: How old are you going to be on your birthday?
Mady: Turn three
Me: What will you be able to do when you're 3 that you can't do when you're 2?
Mady: Turn four.
Me: How old will Mommy be on her birthday?
Mady: twenty-one

Me: What do we need from the grocery store?
Mady: Milk, pizza and fishy crackers.
An hour before she had asked for milk. We were out.
3 days before she had suggested pizza for supper, we didn't have any.
The previous morning she polished off the fishy crackers.
This kid's memory amazes me. When I came home from the grocery store she checked to make sure I got all of the above.

My girls share a room. Last night Kaitlyn started to cry so I went in to calm her down and put her back to sleep. As I was tucking her back in (all the while Kate is still fussing) I can hear Mady whispering to herself, "Have patience. Have patience. Have patience." Not sure if she was talking to herself or her sister.

Breakfast prayer:
Mady: Thank-you, Jesus, for Mini Wheats, Milk and E-mail. Amen.

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