Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Girls Lately

So after our failed attempt at a photo shoot last weekend, I promised some better pictures. Somehow when I went through them and found all the bad ones I thought there were a lot more good ones in the batch. As I went back through them today, I'm not as convinced. But here are some anyway. Interspersed with some updates on the girls.

Madelyn: My oldest. Mark and I always joke that we'll know how much of her behaviour is from our parenting and how much is personality when Kate starts going through the same phases. We REALLY hope there is a lot that is parenting, because she really is a great kid. I know I sometimes complain about her attitude and such a lot and often forget to tell you about all the really good things about her. She is such a sweet kid (when she wants to be). The other day we went to the mall for ice cream as a treat with Auntie. When we got back into the car, I hear quietly from the backseat "Thank you for the mall." Aww! That just melts a Momma's heart! She is the most thoughtful kid I know. And as much as she'll gladly take toys from Kaitlyn if she wants them, she will go out of her way to find Kate one if she is too far from the toys. Or she'll race over to pick something up that you've dropped if she can see that it would inconvenience you to get it yourself. I really am grateful to have such a natural helper for a first born. I can send her on errands all over the house and most of the time she happily obliges.
Recently she has started to really work on improving her words and saying them properly. Here are some of her old words that she has fixed:

Nyolk = Milk
Micmic - Picpic - Picnic

Kate: I love my little chunky monkey! I won't say too much as I need to update her 8 month picture post and it will all be in there, but since turning 8 months on Saturday she finally sprouted her 3rd tooth (and her 4th is right behind).
She is into EVERYTHING! Mady is learning what sort of things she can't leave around on the floor. The other day I had to rescue a choking Kate when she found and promptly decided to eat a hair elastic. We had quite the discussion about making sure that we don't pull them out of our hair and leave them wherever.
I've noticed her cheeks starting to thin. Sigh. I guess it's from burning all those calories crawling around. Hehe!
Love my girls!

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  1. Oh they are too cute! I haven't had a chance to go through my pictures from the weekend, but I'm hoping I got some good ones too.


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