Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey Phil, we're through!

For the record...

Punxsutawney Phil and I are not friends.

okay, let's just look really closely at this picture of my computer screen. Not only is it -26 Celsius, but it feels like -36. WHAT?? That's ridiculous. Can I remind you how many times I've moved/help someone move in February? We have had beautiful weather. What is with March?? That whole "in like a lion" thing better be true. And can we check out what it says under the temp? Ice Crystals. Does that mean that they are just falling from the sky? Am I going to get impaled by a icicle if I leave my house? Again, I ask myself why I live here?? Anyone in some place warm have a job to offer my husband in television production?

I'm SO sick of this view from my front window:
I'm ready for beaches (you know, in my land-locked Province). And sunscreen and iced tea and oscillating fans. And GREEN (St. Patrick's day doesn't count). Is that too much to ask?

And before anyone mentions that Balzac Billy said 6 more weeks of winter, might I point out that that is only 2 weeks away? I'm not counting on this all being gone by then.

I want to go on a PICNIC!


  1. I so all over this post. Spring, oh where are you hiding? I appreciate the sunshine today, but it better be here to stay!

  2. I completely agree! I told my hubby to keep looking at those Arizona jobs!

  3. You need to see the view out our front window. You can't see the road for the snow drifts - and that is AFTER they removed the windrows! Our's won't be melted in the front until August. And in the back, the fire pit (which has a wood cover on it) is MIA. Just a lump in the middle of the snow. Just thankful that so much has melted away on the once-every-ten-days-or-so melty days we've had!

  4. I agree with you 100% Melanna.


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