Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kate's 7th Month Photos

I was concerned I wasn't going to get the photos off my camera to be able to post this, but I found a way. It's painfully slow, but they are here.

I feel like this month we have seen the most change in Kaitlyn's abilities. We have officially barricaded the stairs. She is rolling all over the place and working really hard on crawling. She can't quite figure out how to go forward so in order to get somewhere she rolls/turns/goes backwards until she gets to the right angle. Sometimes this means she gets thoroughly frustrated, but learning a little determination never hurt anyone, right?

We continue with the solid foods. I was hoping that since we had such a great start she was going to be so into it and opening her mouth. She hasn't outright clamped it shut, but she's giving me faces and isn't exactly helping the process. This week I started incorporating some sweeter foods. I figure if she's anything like her mom or her big sister, she doesn't want bland food, she wants the sweet stuff. And then maybe once I can get her to open her mouth I can sneak/shove some other stuff in there too.

The second bottom tooth popped through this month. More seem to be on the way, but they're being a bit more stubborn and Mommy isn't getting nearly enough sleep. I included this picture because you can kind of see them in it. The face is because it was clearly nap time.
Last week Kaitlyn was playing with a lid/handle to the Tupperware kids cake carrier set (if you haven't seen it, its the mini version of the real one). Mady had pulled it out Kate found it and thought it was the best toy ever. But then of course Madelyn decided she wanted to play with it. I suggested that she trade a toy with Kaitlyn, so Mady went and got a cloth book. Kate wasn't interested and wouldn't let go of the cake carrier. So then I suggested Mady trade her something that was a little more similar. So Mady went and got a different lid from the tupperware set. Again, Kate didn't want to trade. I didn't think it was a big deal so I went and traded it for her. Ha! I heard about it from Kate the entire 5 minutes that Mady had the cake carrier. When Mady finished she gave it back to Kate she immediately stopped crying and went back to playing nicely with the carrier. So I guess now I have to deal with toy sharing. Who knew 7 month old kids had such opinions??

Mady didn't have favorite toys at this age, but Kaitlyn totally does. She likes a mini bath book shaped like a duck because it has a squeaker and she can make it work. And she seems to like all the noisy toys (the rattles, the crinkle paper etc.) Have I mentioned how much I hate toys that make noise? I can see this being a problem in the future. Start praying for my sanity now, please. I think Kaitlyn is my quiet kid that makes noise when she plays, where as Mady can play quietly, but makes up for it with personal volume. I shouldn't be surprised that they're so different.

This month Kaitlyn has also been working on sitting. She can't get herself into the sitting position, but if you sit her in it she's getting much better at holding it herself. Of course, once she gets tired the only way she knows how to get out of the pose is to fall over. So she's not always impressed with it!

These pictures (in the blue dress) were quickly snapped when we got home from church on Sunday. The weather was nice and Kaitlyn was finally able to wear this dress. I love it. Mark's aunt gave it to Mady when she was born and she was able to wear it lots, but it's thinner cotton so I've been waiting for warmer weather so Kate could wear it and I feared that she wouldn't get to before she outgrew the size!

I can't believe it's already been 7 months (wait, don't I say that every month?). But I must admit, aside from the teething, this is one of my favourite ages. There is so much more interaction and that's always more rewarding than when they just sleep and cry.


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