Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap (Frog) Day

I decided that since you only get to celebrate leap year once every 4 years, we should do something a little fun. Of course I thought of this a little too late to create an actual party for friends, so instead we decided to have some froggy fun at home.

We started with some Frog Apple snacks. I found the idea off of Pinterest. I think it originally came from Family Fun magazine. The girls loved them (of course, they have chocolate chips!).

For lunch I made some froggy wraps.

Then while Katie had a nap, Mady and I made a frog puppet.

And then for dessert for supper I made some frog cupcakes. These are one of those things that looked way better in my head than they turned out. I'm calling them a cupcake fail as I think the tongues look more like cigars. Or something. Maybe the creativity juices just quit flowing by the end of the day! Good thing I wasn't serving a very savvy crowd!

 Did you do anything to celebrate Leap Day?


  1. looks like your girls had a fun leap day. I love that magazine, family fun.

  2. I'm very impressed by your froggy treats! You executed them very well! My pinterest attempts are usually pretty pathetic...

  3. Your Leap Day snacks and craft were wonderful Melanna! I'm pinning this post so I remember to make those apple frogs for my girls some time soon.



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