Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dance Recital Day

On Saturday was Mady's last dance class of the year. This is the day when all the parents get to sit in on the class and watch the girls in action. Mady took the class with her cousin Claire and I must say, they're always fun to watch! They spent the entire class glued to each others side. I thought we had outgrown that since the first class, but it seems that not too much changes.

(opening name game  - Mady)
(opening name game - Claire. This girl knows how to ham it up for cameras!)
(Waiting to get started. Claire is totally excited. Mady nervously sucks her thumb.)
(Doing a ballerina walk. Together. Of course.)
(and finish with a pointy toe. Claire got distracted with all the cameras.)
(very excited to have matching scarves)
(they're supposed to be standing with their "heels kissing." Claire missed this...)
(I'm no ballet expert, but does Mady have good feet posture or what? We'll work on the shoulders next year!)
(Final song)
(and end with a pointy toe. Or your skirt over your head. There's one in every class.)
(So proud of their little certificates)
Thanks Miss Lindsey for a great year. Madelyn LOVED being in your classes!

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