Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aralynn's Birthday Party

The beginning of the month Mark took the girls to a birthday party for a sweet friend of ours, Aralynn. I wasn't able to attend so he had strict instructions to take lots of pictures.

His idea of lots of pictures is clearly different than mine.

He took 20 pictures (of about 5 things) and 2 videos.

I can't blame him. I have very high picture-taking standards. :) So I have no idea what the cake looked like or anything. Katie, you must post pictures!

Since I wasn't at the party, I don't know exactly what all is happening in these pictures (I think most are just free-play), but I do know that it was a Puppy and Kitty themed party and there were some live Puppies that showed up. Kate was so excited she was almost in tears.

That girl and her love of puppies...

Enjoy the pictures:

Kate and the Birthday Girl

Mady and Makenna

Hey this scene looks familiar... I think this exactly where Kate spent the majority of Makenna's party.
Mady working hard on a puppy ornament

All the kids working on ornaments

Opening our gift
We love you Aralynn! Thanks for inviting us to your party!


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