Friday, December 10, 2010

Where You Can Find Me Today

They* say that if you want to see a true reflection of yourself, just watch your child play. Anyone who watches Mady play for even a short time will learn quickly that I like parties. Even more particular birthday parties. She spends hours lining up her dolls to go to and host parties (complete with singing Happy Birthday).

Well, it turns out Stacey likes a good birthday party too. So much, in fact, that she created a blog called The Birthday Blog and has filled it with Birthday parties! And today she is featuring the Under The Sea party that I did for Mady's second birthday! This is the first time something I've done has been featured on another blog and I'm pretty excited!

So go check it out and then the next time you need ideas for a kids' birthday party, or you just want to soak in some awesome ideas, go to her site!

As for me and where I'll PHYSICALLY be today? I will be at my sewing table finishing this:

I'm SO close to being done and am hoping to post the completed book tomorrow! My mom helped me cut out the fabric for the cover (she has a cutting board and wheel which I don't, so straight lines are difficult to do at my house), but I promise I did the cutting.

*So we always wonder who "they" is, right? Well, when I was reading the baby name book while looking for names while pregnant with Kate, I read that some guy actually changed his name to They! The things people do to be famous...


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