Friday, October 8, 2010

Beads and Shoe

It's been busy on the quiet book front. Sorry I've been slow in getting posts up. I've been trying to finish off some pages and as much as these ones are officially “done.” I don't know that I'm completely happy with them. I think I'm going to do some extras on the pages in terms of stitching some embroidery or something to make them a little more interesting. But I fear not finishing the book because I took so much time for the extras on the early pages. So my current plan is to finish the basic pages and then make them pretty when/if I have more time at the end. Christmas is less than 3 months away after all!

Bead Counting Pages
This was a very simple page to make. In fact, I think I made it more work than it needs to be. It's like an abacus to count from 1-100 (or really millions if you use it like a true abacus, though I don't know that Mady will be doing that quite yet!). I think I may add in the numbers beside each row of beads 1-10, 11-20 etc.

Once I sewed this onto the page I kind of wondered if I should have made it bigger. But this way she has lots of lace to practice with and there is nothing worse than short laces when you're learning. This is a page I want to “pretty up.” I just need to decide exactly how.

I just picked up my rare earth magnets this week which were holding up a few pages. I decided I didn't want to use velcro as it tends to injure felt over time and I want this book to last. I was trying to think of something that would work similar and magnet was what I came up with, but then I had to get some that was strong enough to go through layers of magnet. After some trial and error I've decided rare earth it is! Now I'm busy hand stitching those pages (super strong magnets and metal sewing machines don't play nice).

Etsy proved to be a good source for flesh-toned felt (it is NOWHERE in my city). So now once I find some shank google eyes, I'm all set for the rest of my supplies. Then I have great plans to fly through the rest of my pages. Expect the posts to pick up a bit. I say that more so that I will actually post more. Haha!


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