Thursday, October 28, 2010

Phone, Yo yo and Shape Matching

This page may defeat the purpose of the quiet book, but how fun is a pink animal print phone? Mady loves to talk on the phone, so she will love this. The phone “hangs up” by snapping to the base.

This was probably the easiest page in the book, but I think it's super cute. Pull the rings to move the yo-yo up and down.

Matching the shapes
I had to hand stitch the whole thing because it uses earth magnets and they stick to my machine.
I have to plan exactly where my magnet pages are going to be in the book so that they don't start sticking to things they shouldn't! But I've tested the strength through the felt and by other highly metal pages and I think they will be okay.


  1. Re the top pictures: do kids today even know what a device with a handset and a dial is?

  2. Haha! Probably not...
    Actually she has the fisher price chatter phone in the same style and knows how to use it. But maybe that's just female intuition!


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