Saturday, September 18, 2010

Murphy and Motherhood

I've only been a mom for just over 2 years, but I've already discovered how Murphy and his laws like to mess with Moms. Here are a few I've personally encountered, with a few from my mom-friends. I'm sure you have experienced some of your own. Let's hear them in the comments!

(I know Mady's dress and jacket severely clash in this photo - so much so, it hurts my eyes - but she insisted. It wasn't worth the fight. I love her facial expression. This girl and her playgrounds...)

How Murphy Messes With Moms

1.Though your preschooler has been sleeping through the night for 1.5 years, the night your baby sleeps more than 4 hours in a row will be the night your preschooler wakes EVERY HOUR!

2.The one time you go out without the diaper bag (either because you forgot it, or because “you'll be real quick, surely you won't need it”) is the one time that your child not only fills the diaper, but over-fills the diaper. Up to her ears.

3.The only other time she will fill her diaper up to her ears is when you're ready to go out the door. This will always happen when she is already strapped into the car seat.

4.It doesn't matter if you waited those extra 5 minutes to be sure you get it all. The moment you change the baby is the moment they will poop. Again. Always.

5.Your kids will be fantastic angels all day, not making a peep. Until the phone rings.

6.Your kids may be wonderful at going down for naps, but the day you have a lot to get done and really need them to sleep is when they will fight it. Maybe Probably taking a nap strike altogether.

7.Your child will wake you up at 6:00am every morning. Except for the morning you forgot to set an alarm and have to be out of the house by 7:30am. You'll discover this at 7:35am.

8.The night before family/school pictures is the night your child will fall. They will scrape their face. Never their knees.
9.Kids always fall asleep 5 minutes before you get there. Unless you want them to.

10.Your child will eat anything put in front of them. Unless other people (usually ones you need to impress) are around. Then they will fight everything. Even all their favourite foods.

11.Your child will be helpful and answer the door for you, only on the day you're not yet dressed and the package needs to be signed for.

12.The line in the grocery store and how fast it moves are always directly proportional to how close it is to nap-time.

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