Thursday, September 9, 2010

The "Ing's" of my life

Making: Cookies and squares to restock my freezer.
Cooking: Chicken Pot Pie. It's a must when it is fall. Brings comfort to the soul.
Drinking: Tea! Hot Tea. Not iced like I have for the past few months. I love curling up with a mug of tea in the evening before bed. Ahhhh!
Reading: Emma by Jane Austin. I started it last Christmas and still haven't finished it! The Littles don't make reading time easy and I can't read at night without falling asleep.
Wanting: A Sillouette machine so I can get all crafty. They need Mac software first and I need to save my pennies.
Looking: At the leaves outside changing colour. I really do love fall!
Playing: Choir practice songs. Lots of music to learn. Never enough time. It is always on in the background to help me learn the words.
Wasting: Time. Always wasting time. Unless I have lots to do and then I wish I could borrow from those days when I was lazy.
Sewing: A quiet book for Mady for Christmas. Still haven't pulled out the machine. For some reason it scares me.
Wishing: My sister still lived in the same city as me so we could hang out more.
Enjoying: The regularity of a schedule again. I thrive on routine.
Waiting: Rather impatiently for Christmas.
Liking: Sitting and playing piano. Not as much time to do that anymore.
Wondering: Haha! A lot of things. Have you heard my ability to ask questions? I'll do a post of questions that go through my head.
Hoping: I can create a life of fun memories and traditions for my girls.
Marvelling: At how fast a 2 year old can rip apart a perfectly clean house. Amazing.
Needing: A full night of sleep. Once Kate is over her cold we are diving into sleep training so that this can happen.
Smelling: Mady's foam soap. It's purple and claims to be a berry scent. I love it and sometimes will use it instead of the “grown up” soap right beside it.
Remembering: Not much! When does the Pregnancy “Mom-brain” end? Seriously.
Wearing: Those yucky in between maternity and pre-baby clothes.
Following: Way too many blogs! Google reader is truly addicting.
Noticing: The rolls of fat on Kaitlyn. So much fat! I'm not used to such big babies.
Knowing: This stage of life is going to pass way too quickly. I should really take more pictures.
Thinking: I need a haircut and soon!
Bookmarking: Ideas for a tea party. Some day I want to do one for my girls, but I think I want to do one for my friends before that because, why not?
Opening: My bags of fun coloured sprinkles from Bulk Barn. Why can't I have a Bulk Barn in Calgary???
Giggling: At my two year old's facial expressions that are a little too similar to mine. Especially the sassy one. Just need to remember to not giggle in front of her!
Feeling: Like I'm right where I'm supposed to be.


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