Sunday, August 29, 2010

Questions over Coffee

If you could sit down and talk to God, what would you ask him? I'm not talking in the praying kind of way. I mean the sitting in Starbucks drinking mochas and just chatting kind of way.*

Some people would go the humanitarian route. They'd ask all those social justice themed questions about why natural disasters happen and why there are kids dying of AIDS.

Some would want to know things about their life. Maybe about how their life would be different if they had made different choices. Or about a family member they never knew.

Me? I'd go for the perfectly practical. I want to know why he created some animals to be born knowing everything they need to know, but my kid can't even burp (can you tell I've spent a few too many nights up because of this?).

I'd also like to know why he created centipedes to have 100 legs (and really, I think they have more) and I only get 2 hands.


That seems a little cheap.

I think
mothers should sprout an extra for each child they bear.

Or why do I know so many older people who don't need much sleep (they go to bed really late and get up really early and still feel refreshed), yet I need 9 hours (yes, 9.) and hardly get any. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the parents of the world needing less sleep and then as you get older and have more time on your hands you can require more?

I'm a sleep deprived parent and I want some answers!

Oh and what is the purpose of hiccups?? I hate them. And so do my children.

I'm not saying God isn't practical, but... okay, maybe I am. I really wonder if he thought all these things through. I know he's perfect and all, but is perfect practical?

You may feel I have a lightening bolt headed my way for even questioning such things, but I think God's a big God and can take it. In fact, he's probably laughing at me. Because even if he isn't the most practical of deities, I think he at least has a sense of humour. He must, because, seriously, have you seen a sloth?

What would you ask God??

*I don't know that God would drink Starbucks, but also don't know that he wouldn't. I also don't know if he likes mocha's, but it has chocolate so I can't see why he wouldn't.

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  1. nice!! I have wondered these same things some times!! esspecially during those non burping moments!! Joshua was the same way!! he always had gas! and it was always during his nights feeds! And then he'd think that the bubble in his tummy was hunger, nope, just gas honey!! HOpe you get some sleep soon!!


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