Friday, August 13, 2010


You probably grew up hearing that everyone was special. I did too. I actually hated hearing that because it seemed to me that if everyone was special, then no one was special. I've matured some and figured out that, yes, everyone CAN indeed be special.

But today I get to be more special.

Why? Because I'm left-handed. Today is National Left-handers day. This is a day to celebrate the south-pawed in the world. (if I remember right, that phrase came from the polar bear who are all south-pawed).

We're a unique breed. Typically quite creative (though I have quite the logic streak for being so right-brained!), and we have to live in a world that is not designed for us.

Don't believe me? Pick up your coffee cup. My personal favorite is my Josh Groban mug. This is it here:

I got it at a concert a couple of years ago that my husband gave me tickets to for my birthday. I was so close I could touch Josh! And just to prove that he is the best husband he gave me two tickets and told me to take a friend! So I went with my friend Tanya. I love you, Mark!

But I digress...

If you pick up your mug and you look at the picture, it's typically featured to show the picture when you're drinking out of it with your right hand. I would show you what I mean, but I only buy mugs with the print on both sides because I thinks that's entirely unfair. I drink with my left hand and just want to enjoy my picture too! Just a note that someone on Josh's merch team must be a lefty because they designed the mug in such a way it HAS to start on the left side.

Also, pick up a ruler.


Does anyone use those anymore? Oh, it's back-to-school time. I'm sure grade school children still have rulers. So if you don't have one, head to your local office supply store and pick one up, just so I can show you this. For a lefty if you tell me to measure 3 centimetres I have to do so on the opposite side of where I'm measuring and can't see very well because the numbers go the wrong way. Either that, or I have to measure from 30 to 27. And remember, lefties are not typically logical! (When I was 9 we went to the SouthPaw Shoppe in California and picked up a left-handed ruler, so I don't have to have this problem anymore). Here is my ruler on the left, compared to a “regular” one on the right:

If you're right-handed imagine using it to measure and you'll understand what I mean.

You know those green handled scissors? They're made especially for us. The blades cross the other direction so that we can actually SEE the line we're cutting. Oh and any scissors that say they can be used for either right or left-handers, typically only have the grip marking for lefties, they're not actually lefty-scissors. Just so you know.

And writing in coil notebooks or binders, is such a pain! The rings/coils get in the way.

And that left-handed “curl” we often have? It's so we don't smudge every word we write. I often have an ink stain on my hand from my pinky to my wrist from just this. So annoying.

All you right-handers may be thinking, “Who cares?” Well 10-15% of the population cares. You're literally ruining, or at least shortening our lives by making us try to conform to you ways! Most left-handers don't live past 80. That's not cool, people! I have great plans to make it to 100.

But there are good things about being a lefty. Such as:

-People will give you first choice of seating at a table so they don't have to bump elbows with you
-Music ability comes quite naturally
-As do a lot of other creative abilities
-We're generally better at reading up-side-down and backwards. Which means if I'm sitting across from you, I can read all your notes.
-We're the only people on the planet that are in our right minds (hardy-har-har!)
-And we get to share the ranks with famous left-handers.

Here are some of my favourites:

Jim Henson and his favourite frog pal Kermit (his banjo is even strung left-handed)
Albert Einstein
Jimi Hendrix
Leonardo da Vinci
Alexander the Great
Joan of Arc
Ehud (in the Bible – its in the Judges. Look it up. Funny story!)
Benjamin Franklin
Oprah Winfrey (okay, maybe not a favourite, but I feel I should acknowledge her so that you can see what kind of world-changing power we have!)
Mark Twain
Queen Victoria (and actually many, many of the royal family)
Jim Carey
And all 4 of my siblings.

Yup, all 5 of my parents' children were born lefties. (For the record, I think if Val had ended up right handed and ruined it all we would have made her switch!) The best part about this? Neither of my parents are left-handed. The odds of 2 right-handed people have 1 lefty is 2%. They had 5 and 100% of their kids at that! Crazy, crazy! And THAT makes me extra-special!

So, go find a left-hander that you know and give them a big hug today! Celebrate them because they're AWESOME!


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