Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Katie Mae!

Here you are 2 years old!

I know every mother thinks the years go by for their child way too fast, but 2 years! Wow!

You truly are my sunshine kid. You bring so much happy into my life! Oh and the faces you pull out! You are such a performer.

Things I'm enjoying about you right now:

  • I love how much you love jam. I think it's your favourite food. When you wake up in the morning that's the first thing you ask for. And if I ask you what you want for lunch, that's your answer.
  • I love when you run in circles in the living room and giggle. You have the best laugh.
  • I love your obsession with a "pen"(cil) and paper. If I had to guess, I'd think you're going to be an artist (my walls can attest). Or maybe a writer. You always want us to write letters (mostly B), even though I don't think you actually know any of them by sight.
  • I love how much you love pink. No one taught you that. In fact, I pushed purple on you. But pink won. It was the first colour you could say and you love it.
  • I'm glad you still like to cuddle. Even if it's something you could literally do all day long if I let you and that doesn't work for my schedule.
  • I think it's funny that you like to sing along to Lea Michelle singing Firework (I hate Katy Perry so I refused to use that version). My choir sang it as part of our radio hits concert so I made a CD of all the songs to practice in the car. You get so excited whenever it comes on because you like to sing the "ah, ah, ah" parts.
  • Your obsession with Toopy and Binoo cracks me up. You totally got it from your sister. But the way you sing that theme song.... Ha!
  • I like how you like to have your hair done every day. Well at least in theory. You like the after result. :) 
  • You hate pasta. I've tried to get you to like it. But there's no getting around it. It's just not your favourite. Well, except for spaghetti. Obviously we will have to teach you that in our family, we pretend we're Italian. Good thing you like bread.
  • You are very observant. You are well aware when we pass anywhere in the car that has treats for kids. Like when we pass the grocery store you point and shout "Cookie!"
  • I love how excited you get when you get to do something just like your sister. "Too!" is one of the phrases you utter often. 
  • You love anything fun and never want it to have to end. Bedtime is such torture for you. So are naps. You wish you could play all day.
  • You are very independent. Recently you've started wanting to fill your own cups with water from the bathroom tap (the only one you can reach). But then you end up with warm cups of water because you can't reach the cold tap.
We love you so much, Katie! Hope you have a birthday so full of fun!
Love Mommy, Daddy and Madelyn



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